Improving Our Communities Through Entrepreneurship.

Helping NextGen leaders create projects that actually make a difference.

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“Enactus helped me create something bigger than myself.”
Sachin Milli, President
“Being the only social entrepreneurship club on campus, Enactus allowed me to not only meet experienced professionals in the startup field but to also get a part time job and internship with one as well. Being apart of Enactus as given me the opportunities and experience to network and grow in the entrepreneurial sector.”
Sofia Boselli, Member
“Enactus is full of opportunities!”
Jonathan Suwandi, Member
“Enactus gave me the platform to create a unique solution with my team.”
Rhea Grover, Former President
“Enactus taught me to grow as both an entrepreneur and an individual.”
Kirsty Gao, VP of Marketing

What We Do

We create entrepreneurial-based projects that transform into real, sustainable progress for the communities around us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Enactus members actually do?
Enactus offers you the resources needed to start and progress your own social entrepreneurship project. Whether it's a nonprofit or a competitive startup, these projects are the central feature of Enactus and are what we primarily focus on. For more information, see our "Projects" page!

Besides  the projects, Enactus also offers external panels, workshops, partnerships with other Enactus chapters, and even corporate networking opportunities. At Enactus, you will connect with working professionals across many industries in addition to the 70,500 other Enactus students located across the globe.
What is social entrepreneurship?
Social entrepreneurship is about creating entrepreneurial projects that address social issues and aim to improve the communities around us. For example, a social entrepreneurship project would attempt to solve problems like climate change, better  healthcare, quality education, clean water,  biodiversity, and more as opposed to other areas that might net more profit. At Enactus, we care about impact more than money and that's why our projects are focused in social entrepreneurship. Check out our "About" page to see more information about our values!
Will I get the chance to start my own entrepreneurial project?
Yes, of course! All new members will go through a one month initiation period where they will receive the tools and education required to develop an entrepreneurial opportunity. At the end of this period, new members will pitch their ideas which will then turn into projects. See the "Projects" page for more information.
Do I have to be a business major to apply?
No! Not at all. We at Enactus believe the perspectives of all disciplines are valuable in making an impact. Regardless of your major, you are more than welcome to apply to Enactus. In fact, many of our current members are not business majors.
What is the time commitment for Enactus?
Your time commitment for Enactus is, for the most part, up to you! This organization is what you make of it. Entrepreneurship is not the kind of field where you have set amount of hours per week. Entrepreneurial projects heavily vary depending on the situation so putting a number on the amount of time you might spend is difficult. However, on average, here's what new members can potentially expect:

For your First Month:
- General Meetings: 1 hr/week
- New Member Only Meetings: 1 hr/week
- Socials: 1 hr/week
- Educational Work: 1 hr/week

So roughly 4 hrs/week for your first month in Enactus.

After your First Month:
- General Meetings: 1 hr/week
- Project Work: 1-2 hr/week
- Committee Meetings: 1 hr/week if you apply and are accepted into one of our four committees (Finance, Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Marketing/Communications)
- Socials: 1 hr/week

Expect about 4-5 hrs/week after your first month in Enactus.

If you have additional questions about our club's logistics, feel free to get in touch on our "Contact" page!
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